Repairing and Remodeling

We offer extensive services on repairing and remodeling your fur.

From the smallest loose hook to larger repairs. Remodeling your old fur coat or jacket can give new life to it by updating it into new styles and silhouttes. Restyle sleeves or collar, use for a ling for a raincoat, or shear the fur and make a reversible light weight jacket. Or maybe a fur throw or pillows or a muff, headband, or scarf. With creativity and our proffesional furriers we can offer you multiple ideas!!! In some cases only simple changes need to be done to update your garment.


Our facility provides secure cold storage vault that is temperature and humidity controlled to protect and revitalize your furs. Use professional furrier’s for your storage needs. Home storage, using air conditioning or a cedar closet/trunk, will not protect your fur from drying out or moths. Special temperature requirements are met with humidty and light control.


Loosely termed as “cleaning”. Alberta’s dry weather quality makes it even more important to protect, and maintain your fur with professional lusterglazing. This process prevents your fur from drying out. Naturally all animals generate oils in their skin that keep their hair and hide beautiful. Lusterglazing will preserve the lusterous beauty and restores the silkiness that gives our furs that rich appearance. This process also cleans any pollutants and deodorizes your fur. Normally furs do not look soiled or dry, but they NEED lusterglazing in order to keep them soft and fresh. This is a dry process and cannot damage your fur. It will not shrink, discolor or change the shape of your garment. Lusterglazing will not remove difficult stains in linings.


To protect your leather or leather fur mixture, have them lusterglazed annually to keep them soft and supple. Do not wash leather.


Reusing Furs

What can you do with your old fur? Recycle into fur lined trench coat, reversibles, vests, heirloom teddy bears, blankets, pillows, throws or you can restyle into a new coat or jacket creation with our own in house master furrier, Reto Kalstas. It doesn’t fit and you’ve just outgrown the style? Trade it in. We offer a trade in value on the purchase of a new garment.